I am married to a wonderful man who works hard both at his job and here at home when we renovate. We’ve been married for over 10 years now. I am a mother of two girls and two boys all under the age of 9. Soon to have another little addition to our family. We proudly have a Betta Fish named Nemo and a blue Parakeet named Jewel. I have a fond love for sewing and being creative in anything I do. I am scared of being my own person puplicly, but here I am ready to show you what I’m all about and what I can do. I’m a wannabe photographer and decorator ;-P

Follow me into this new adventure of mine as I’m always jumping from one thing to another never settling or making up my mind on what I want to do. Blogging is the best way to express myself in many ways I want! Don’t forget to comment away on my posts. I love reading about you too;) I hope I can help you with your creativeness and inspire you to do more!

Hugs and love to you,